You become what you think about…

This is a quote from leaders all over the world like Martin Luther king, president Kennedy, Albert Einstein and lots of others.
But what does that mean anyway ??

It means that your mind is your greatest gift and also your most powerful tool to create your own life.
Since you are the only one that is capable of changing your thoughts and thereby changing your emotions, it is fair to say that only you are in control of influencing your state of being and controling the vibrations that your body is in.

This actually means that you can control the frequency of the energy that is continuously flowing through your body and leaving your body into the outside world. And since the powerful law of attraction dictates that you only attract the things you are in vibrational harmony with, the only conclusion can be that the ‘package’ of energy you are sending out on a certain frequency will always come back to in a way that is most convenient and practical.

The universe is flawless and never fails.

You WILL become what you think about.

By Sander Kraakman

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